Strike at Air Littoral: 75% of flights cancelled in Nice

Posté ven 07/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Nice seems less hit than Montpellier by the strike movement launched for Friday September 7th and Saturday September 8th by the inter-union of the Air Littoral company. All of flights from Montpellier have had to be cancelled. From Nice, on Friday morning, a fourth of the twenty flights which were expected have been provided. In a release, the direction of the company has declared that 80% of passengers whom flights would have been cancelled, should be “normally oriented to their destinations over the whole length of the movement thanks to re-routing solutions set up for one week”. The movement has been started in order to denounce uncertainties about the social plan and the lack of precision about working conditions for those who will remain within the company after the reorganisation.

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