A super bilingual dictionary on-line

Posté ven 04/05/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Our cousins from Quebec show the example. In order to promote the use of French worldwide, the government of Quebec has set up a remarkable free bilingual dictionary, which is famous in Canada (1.3 million connections since the opening of the website last September 18th). For ”all those who have to translate, revise, or write perfect texts” , as it is written on the home page of www.granddictionnaire.com.The website, made with the Office of the French language, keeps its promises: it gathers a base of three million French and English terms in 200 domains of activities! Three thousands reference books are available on one only website on the Web. It is a cultural gold mine. Even better, thanks to an extension module, the GDT EXPRESS, the big terminological dictionary is available from your text applications. You can write or you can underline a word or a sentence that you want to deepen and it leads you to the answer. It even gives you the synonyms. It is worth to file in your bookmarks and favourites…

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