Supermarkets : the La Bocca Leclerc will be Leclerc again

Posté lun 11/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

An amazing case. The Leclerc mall in La Bocca was legally selling some Carrfour products until now. It means competitor's products. But, actually you were in Carrefour. Strange, isn't it ? Explanation. On January 22nd 1996, the Fallecker family, the owner of the Leclerc mall in La Bocca through the Faldis company, sells the supermarket for 73.6 million francs to Amaldis. But this company is a subsidiary of Promodès which is now Carrefour. Hence some continuous trials and more than twenty successive judgements which did not put an end to these business oddities.The last judgement, May 9th, should put an end to this situation. The magistrates' court of Nanterre has decided to cancel the sell and the repayment of Amaldis, the buyer of the supermarket, by Faldis, the seller. The reason ? Leclerc's "preference agreement" specifies that in case of sale of a mall, network independent operators are favoured. And this has not been respected (and this a unique case in the group history).

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