Swissair suspended its flight operations for an unlimited period

Posté mar 02/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Swissair is the first European « victim » of the crisis in airline transport. The Swiss group, which already goes badly following an expansion policy managed with difficulties, was hit full-force by the airline crisis after the tragic terrorist attacks last September 11th. At the beginning of the afternoon today, Tuesday, the group announced it was suspending all flight operations indefinitely from now on because it had been unable to find the necessary funds to keep flying. It is exceptional for such a big company.Swissair, which offers flights from Nice to Geneva and Zurich (235,000 passengers last year) has thus suspended its flights to Zurich from 13.00, whereas several flights for Geneva took off, the planes of the group being repatriated to Switzerland. The Swiss government asked commercial banks involved in the rescue (UBS and Crédit Suisse) to offer a plan to keep on the flight operation since a lot of people are employed by the company.

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