Symposium Eurécom: welcome to the mobile world !

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The fifth edition of the symposium, Thursday November 29th at the Sophia Antipolis CICA, will start with an overview of “communicating tools” and will study the social impact of their use.

"Mobile computing for everyday life; seamless communication”: this is the theme of the 5th Hitachi – Eurécom- Motorola Symposium, which will take place at the CICA on Thursday November 29th from 9.00 am. From mobile telephones to electronic agendas, from laptop computers to digital cameras and personal digital assistants, the “communicating tools” are everywhere today. They become a common use in our everyday life and they are more and more “intelligent” as well !Beyond the simple electronic gadget, they make our life easier. And it is only on the rise ! Thanks to electronics development, those tools will communicate to each other, thus creating a huge wireless network.This is the field the Symposium will survey, with the help of experts from the industrial and university world. First, they will identify the real role of those tools in our everyday life. But they will put the stress on the user and more particularly on the social impact of those communicating tools. “Social impact of mobile communication”, “Towards an intelligent electronic lifestyle”: here are some of the points which will be tackled during this first day.Just like what was done during the previous symposiums, Eurécom has gathered selected speakers, thanks to the help of its both partners, Hitachi and Motorola. The sessions will be conducted by famous scientific personalities such as Dr. Nicolas Demassieux, the head of research center Motorola in Paris or Dr. Fumihiko Mori, the Hitachi Europe Ltd laboratory manager. Eurécom engineers and those from both research centers as well as professors will deal with the overview of mobile computing and discuss the major trends of this new world.Contacts and information- Eurécom Institute, 2229, route des crêtes – B.P.193 – 06904 Sophia Antipolis Cedex – France ; Tel: +33 (0)4 93 00 26 27 ; e-mail: The full program on Eurécom website with registration forms.

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