Tax Free in Cannes: a new test for congresses on the French Riviera

Posté lun 22/10/2001 - 00:00
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The worldwide luxury industry and free tax show will be busy at the "palais des festivals", with more than 500 exhibitors. However, the number of participants is unknown.

This is a new test for congresses on the French Riviera regarding the incidents of September 11th: the one of Tax Free. This congress of luxury, which gathers all duty free buyers and famous brands sold free of tax in airport shops, on cruise ships and other places selling tax free products, is one of the most famous meeting in Cannes, with more than 13,000 contributors within a week. For now, there is no need to worry about it: Tax Free, following the MIPCOM, is still on and is full. This show, which is beginning on October 22nd, at the palais des festivals in Cannes and will be on until October 26th, will gather 503 exhibiting companies on approximately 16,000 sq. meters according to the last estimations of its general manager Andrew Ford. A lot of exhibitors.However, these stands are booked well ahead in advance, and it is expansive to cancel. The most revealing statistic of the new situation, which prevails for congresses, will be the number of contributors. Thus, the MIPCOM didn't have many cancellations. Nevertheless, the number of contributors had decreased by 15%. It is going against a trend, which encouraged the contribution of MIP, always increasing. For Tax Free, organisers thus expect a little decrease compared to the record of 2000.This edition 2001 will also have to face the serious crisis, which is striking in the whole airline sector and as a result, duty free shops in airports. In the previous years, the battle started against the removal of the intra-community tax. The battle is lost. This time, Tax Free is determined to fight because of gloom and the worldwide airline crisis. It is a new battle everybody wishes them to win.

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