Taxis with Cannes colors in Singapore

Posté lun 31/07/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

During the advertisement movie festival Cannes city had welcomed the winners of a State firm from Singapore and as a result, ten Crauwn taxis make the promotion of the city.

As a result form the advertisement movie festival in Cannes which took place last June: ten Crauwn taxis are wearing the emblems of the city of Cannes for ten months (renewable duration) are crossing the town of Singapore.Thousands of inhabitants and tourists in the island can often see the emblems of Cannes, which is seen as a privileged destination for prestigious holidays.This particular promotion operation in the streets of Singapore city is the consequence of a communication operation lead in collaboration with Maison de la France, Air France, the Direction Générale du Tourisme (Tourism head office) of the SEMEC and the national firm Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd. Comfort Ada, which is a subsidiary of the Singaporian national firm had created a competition and the winners had been welcomed in Cannes during the International Festival of Advertisement last June.After the operation the firm put in circulation the taxis for Cannes. The Festival city does then like other big firms as Epson, Calvin Klein or JVC. This is a good way for Cannes to jump into the South-Eastern Asian market and in particular the Singapore one, an important market place

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