Telecoms : Siemens would cut 5.000 supplementary jobs off

Posté lun 06/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

According to the Financial Times of Friday August 3rd, the German giant Siemens plans to reduce its staff. The article "Siemens draws up radical cuts at fixed-line unit" mentions 5.000 jobs off to add to the already decided 10.000 ones. Those job cuts which principally target the ICN divisions (Information and Communication Networks) will be done out of Germany and will hit Asia more particularly. There are also the 5.000 jobs cut off in the Infineon subsidiary, the second European producer of electronic chips. Employees of Infineon site in Sophia Antipolis are very concerned about this situation. According to Le Figaro which quotes the Financial Times ("Siemens va encore tailler dans ses effectifs"), the ten largest world groups of the telecom manufacturing industry have decided to lay 160.000 jobs off since the beginning of the economic slowdown.

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