Tensions between Mouans-Sartoux and Mougins

Posté ven 22/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

A matter of cinema or even of cinemas brings Mougins into conflict with its neighbour city Mouans-Sartoux. For two years, Mougins has been thinking about setting up multiplex cinema in the ZAC Saint Martin. A project has been registered by the CGR group which has acquired a 18.000 m2 land and intends to build twelve movie theaters (2.600 seats). The file, which has had to face several difficulties, is for the moment waiting to be authorized by the CNC (National Center of Cinema). But Mouans-Sartoux has launched a project of a media resources center in which three cinemas would be set up.Obviously, CinéAlpes, Mouans-Sartoux's partner, wants the situation to be clear before investing some 4 million francs. Both towns have been generating tensions for many years. So, they are brought in conflict with each other once again about these two rival and divergent projects of cinemas. Mouans-Sartoux even intends to take legal actions against Mougins as it considers that previous agreements had been signed to make any business activity illegal in the ZAC Saint Martin area and that a multiplex cinema is a real business activity whatever people say in Mougins…

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