Testepourvous.com: the less expensive banks

Posté mar 14/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

You want to know which is the less expensive bank for the customer ? A click on Testé pour vous. There, you will find the ranking of the less expensive banks in PACA (February 2001) with or without uncovered balance. Testepourvous.com belongs to the European group CONSEUR, European Consumers, a European company specialized in independent information to consumers since 1987. For the fourth year in a row, the site has published a ranking over 160 banks taking as criteria the price of bank services and they have calculated what an “active” consumer spends to his bank every year.The result ? “It goes from 500 francs to 1.500 francs. The most competitive banks can make their consumers save 1.000 francs (150 euros) per year.” The two leaders are virtual banks, Zebank and Banque Directe. But they are followed by a “real” bank, La Poste which remains particularly competitive thanks to a very dense agency network. At the bottom of the ranking, banks which make the uncovered balance very expensive.Such a ranking should be kept in mind. On this precious site, you will find many other pieces of information, surveys, consulting, to be well guided through the jungle of products and tariffs of the insurance-bank. To keep among favourites.

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