The theme of companies incubation

Posté mer 13/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Someone from Sophia Antipolis has been invited to contribute during the European seminary organized by the BIC (Business & Innovation Centres), on Thursday May 31st at the Grand Palais in Lilles, a seminary which has chosen company incubation as theme: Alain André, the CEO of Cicom Organisation and former director of the CICA in Sophia Antipolis. Alain André, among contributors coming from all over Europe, will tackle a current question: “Managing an incubator which focus on the Net economy: how can we react in front of difficulties experienced by the new economy”. He has tackled this theme recently, and not only in theory: early June Cicom Organisation will indeed inaugurate Antipolis 1, a new companies incubator in Sophia Antipolis and has been charged to set Lucent’s UMTS incubator up in Sophia as well.

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