Theseus celebrates the new m-business era

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Don't talk anymore about e-business. It is almost old-fashioned. At least, it has become rather ordinary. Talk about m-business. M as mobile, of course. As the Theseus Institute, in Sophia Antipolis, noted it, the mobile-business is becoming a 'must'. This Institute, entirely turned to the future, also organizes its yearly conference of the MBA students on the following theme : 'innovation and m-business – possibilities and impacts of the e-business via the mobiles'. This conference will take place on March 24th 2000, in Theseus premises, in Sophia Antipolis.Famous contributors in the mobile and e-trade area will show : 'the m-business picture' and 'the speed the firms need to adapt the change cycles'. This forum will be the occasion of exchanges with students, but especially with actors in the avant-garde of the area of technologies, and of the m-business revolution. The occasion to measure this new era that starts with the m-business, that is to say, the use of mobiles, as the interface of access to information and to services supplied by Internet.ContactsTo make a reservation or to get more information, please get in touch with :Alexander WiedmerTel : 04 92 94 51 00 – Fax : 04 93 65 38 37E-mail :

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