Theseus launches an 'Executive MBA'

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Taught in English launguage, this EMBA will be done part-time over two years. The targets are European top executives who whish to improve their high-tech management competences.

A new MBA will be launched by the Theseus Institute of Sophia Antipolis in January 2002. It is an 'Executive MBA', an 'EMBA' which is intended to active top executives, who already have a professional experience of 7 to 10 years and who work in the high tech industry (or wish to go towards high tech). The principle ? To offer a teaching adapted to executives who wish a personal development around leadership and partnership competences.Entirely taught in English, this new MBA has been set up in partnership with UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) whose teachers will provide a part of lesson modules. Accredited by the AMBA (European accrediting organization for MBA), it will be adapted to allow executives to keep on working. Thus, the Executive MBA will be taught part-time over two years (usually, the cycle is one year long). The lectures will be taught over three days, with a periodicity of around seven weeks (on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). For summer which makes a break between the first year and the second one, they have scheduled three weeks of 'summer school' at 'The Anderson School at UCLA'. In the meantime, teaching goes on by the means of distance studies with an e-learning process via Internet.The new MBA will begin in January 2002 with a class composed of around twenty student-executives. The program will be turned towards the new economy. During the first year, students will be taught the fundamentals of management in high tech environment, in marketing, economy, human resources, information system management. During summer school in Los Angeles they will go deeper into notions of finance, of operation management, etc. During the second year, the courses will tackle strategic management, e-business, alliances and collaborations, knowledge management, innovation...The targets of this executive MBA are European executives. Theseus has thought that with the Nice airport, Sophia remains easily accessible from all over Europe. So, applicants can easily come from European big capitals for three days in order to study management in the very NICT environment of the research park...

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