Theseus: the Peer to Peer, theme of the annual conference

Posté mer 21/03/2001 - 00:00
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The Peer to Peer is the new Internet revolution. It began to be famous with the big fight of on-line music with Napster, Gnutella, Aimster and others. However, it also opens to other promises in group work with websites as or grouping of computers as Seti@home and its search programme of extraterrestrial messages. This explains the choice of Theseus Institute to dedicate its annual conference on the P2P (last year, mobile phones were the theme of the conference).The conference will take place on March 30th, from 9.00 AM at CICA of Sophia Antipolis, on the theme 'Peering through the Hype': In search of Sustainable Internet Business Models'. Specialists in the Information Technology among whom a few people from the French Riviera like Jacques Gros, in charge of the IBM Europe e-business solutions centre and president of the Telecom Valley or Jorg Nonnenmacher, Castify Networks' CEO will focus on relevant P2P business models and will show if it is only a trend or a real Internet revolution.ContactWebsite : /">

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