Theseus: seminar on the entrepreneurial leadership

Posté mar 02/10/2001 - 00:00
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Theseus, the International Management Institute will organize a seminar in English with the contribution of the Sophia Antipolis Foundation on Wednesday October 10th 2001, from 18.00 at the Theseus Institute, Sophia Antipolis, on the following theme: « Entrepreneurial Leadership: because your future is not what it used to be ». This session in English, led by Colin Turner (, the lecturer in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Theseus, aims at answering, with practical examples, to the following questions:. Why do entrepreneurs better succeed in a context of fast growth markets?. What characterises the entrepreneurial spirit?. How can you set up an « enterprising » organization in an existing company?. What are the most remarkable successes?Information and contactProgramme (in English) and registration on Virginie Buscarlet; tel : 04 92 94 51 74; e-mail : buscarlet@theseus

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