Three days of Internet festival on the Riviera

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The French Riviera takes an active part in the third Internet festival with two beachheads in Nice and Grasse.

The Internet festival begins on Friday March 17th and will go on until Sunday March 19th in the evening. Three days of celebration of what is, today, a real industrial revolution. Initiated by France, the Internet festival is now celebrated all over the world. On the French Riviera, with Sophia Antipolis as a beachhead, the New Information and Communication Technologies are changing noticeably the regional economy.For one year, the birth of start-ups linked to this industry, has been making people think about the constitution of a new pole of competences turned to Internet and the vast number of services that it can offer. Nevertheless, the research park is not at the head of the festival. The two beachheads in the Alpes-Maritimes are Nice and Grasse, called 'Internet cities' because of their 'involvement in the development of the Internet citizen.'In Nice, they will organize videoconferences and debates on themes such as Internet, e-business, e-marketplace, etc, in the Cyber emploi's premises, under the Mamac (museum of modern art). Some computer animators will help visitors to surf on fourteen computers, visitors who could benefit from a rapid initiation program (information : Grasse, free initiations, site presentation and conferences are scheduled in the Convention center, in the media library and in the Cyber Espace Grasse Jeunesse et Sport (see the site /">www.ville-grasse.fror phone at well, the initiative of /">Fred Foresthas to be noticed as he offers the realization of a collective work on his site. A few sites in order to better participate to the festival as well : /"> French site) and (official world site); (partner site in Nice); (site of the department) and (cultural head of the network).

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