The Thursdays of the CICA: coaching for champions of the economy

Posté mar 17/04/2001 - 00:00
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To apply the top level sport practices at the service of the management: this is the aim of the next Thursday of the CICA which will take place on April 19th at 9.00 AM on the theme "The coaching or the mental state of champions for the success of our challenges". Two parts are dedicated for this monthly meeting. The first one will be run by Antoine Garcia from the AG consulting office (Advise in Human Resources Management for Computers and Telecommunication) who will explain what the coaching is in the management field.The second part will be run by Christian Target, sport coach at the prestigious top coaches list (mental preparation for Sydney games, for the American Cup, etc). He will deal with the minimum mental equipment to succeed in our challenges, successful mental profile diagnosis, tool-cards for "savoir-faire", coaching practices. To make a long story short, all you have to know to lead a career as a high level athlete…ContactJoelle Calafell, e-mail:, Tel. 04 93 00 29 61

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