The tour-operator from Nice MMV withdraws from Happy Travel

Posté mar 12/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Partnerships are done and cancelled, in tourism as well as in high tech. Thus, the tour-operator from Nice MMV (Mer Montagne Vacances) which entered the Happy Travel group in March 2000 has chosen to withdraw in April 2001 (see article "Happy Travel rachète le Niçois Mer Montagnes Vacances"). Quoted by, Patrick Boero and Jean-marc Filippini, have justified their withdraw by the fact that the British group Happy Travel, supported by the venture capital 3i, has not been able to be listed on the stock exchange late 2000 as it was expected. Promised synergies, through injections of new capitals, did not happen. While Directours, one of the three other companies listed in the pole with Plein Vent et Pleine Evasion, should face strong difficulties linked to companies involved on the Net.The two founders have thus bought up 85% of the exploitation structure MMV Gestion (and they will be responsible for the development). Both of them remain shareholders, as personal ones, of Happy Travel. MMV counts 5 employees and generates a turnover of 100 million francs with 120.000 customers. Specialized in snow stays, the TO manages around fifteen hotels in the Alpes and markets its products principally throughout the network of labour-management committees and groups.

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