Tourism@2001: general repetition in Switzerland

Posté mer 05/09/2001 - 00:00
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For representatives of tourism and new technologies on the French Riviera, it will be a general repetition of Tourism@2001, the big tourism and NTIC forum which will take place at the end of November at Acropolis. The 4th “Innovation and tourism” congress, organized at Martigny, in Switzerland, next November 9th, will be carried out on the following theme: “The impact of management and tourist networks on tourist innovation”. Many contributors from the French Riviera, either working in the sector of tourism or NTIC were required for this colloquium.On the programme: Dominique Charpentier, manager of the CRT Riviera Côte d’Azur will lead the round table on the “Creation of tourist companies: from the idea to the opportunity”; Alain André, Manager of the CICOM at Sophia Antipolis on the “Future home for tourism”; Jacques Gros, IBM Europe e-business Manager, Vice-president of Telecom Valley, will deal with “The m-tourism revolution ”. A prize of the CICOM will also be awarded. The CICOM now appears as the International Centre of Communication and multimedia operations.

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