: La Poste at the heart of the e-business

Posté mer 14/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

'Tomorrow, more and more things will be available on Internet, but if nobody deals with the delivery, the whole thing risks to remain virtual': this is the new message that La Poste wants to pass on, especially during the next commercials that will be shown from February 23rd on TV., in an article /"> 'La Poste : de la bicyclette à Internet'underlines that La Poste, by taking up a former communication campaign about 'La Bicyclette', the song of Yves Montant, wants to put the new role of the mailman forward : to create a link between the virtual world and reality by dispatching the e-business packages. Six little stories will back up this message accompanied with a slogan : 'La Poste brings you what the future promises you'. A new positioning as an intermediary in the 'click and mortar' industry.

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