: the fabulous fate of Kaycee Nicole

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Maybe, you have received this mail, attracting your attention and your compassion for a pretty young girl from the American Midwest, suffering from leukaemia and who diffused her personal diary entitled "living colours" by e-mail. Kaycee Nicole's personal diary has impressed many worldwide surfers for two years. With a much heart-rending moment, on May 14th 2001, when it has been announced that she died, still by e-mail and on the website she created. Her death is all the more tragic as it seemed that Kaycee, 19, was getting better. has focused on this Net history and tells in "La double vie de Kaycee Nicole",what will remain as one the most amazing trickery on the Web.Kaycee Nicole has never existed. The Kaycee's character has been created by a young woman from Oklahoma City, Kelly Swenson, who has borrowed the picture of a pretty city basket-ball player. Then, the character has been played by Kelly's mother, Debbie Swenson, who, because of a dual personality, has dreamed about the life of her "virtual daughter". From the begging to the end, she has imagined this leukaemia and this life punctuated by remissions, crisis and some painful call to the will to live which have impressed the Internet community. Early May, as the notoriety of Kaycee made the case uncontrollable, Debbie has decided to stop it.While fans are crying, several American medias are seeking further pieces of information. The truth is revealed : everything has been invented. But in a society where virtual events go sometimes beyond reality, the temptation remains strong to keep on making Kaycee living in another way. "I am still mourning this friend that I believed I 'd lost and that I have lost in a way, declares a surfer quoted by "". And they conclude that, at least, it has been a wonderful story.The movie would be great." What about the fabulous fate of Kaycee Nicole" soon in cinemas…

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