TVWEB33: 5 regional newspapers have launched a regional TV on the Web

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Sud Ouest, Le Parisien, Le Télégramme de Brest, La Nouvelle République du Centre-Ouest and La Dépêche du Midi have set out to take TV on the web…

An historic moment: the launching on Monday, August 21st, 4:00 pm of a new local TV on the web. 'From now on, thanks to a single click, you can see what is happening in Bordeaux. This is what TVWEB33 offers, which is a new local TV in downtown Bordeaux. This is the message you can read on which was launched during the opening day of the communication summer school in Hourtin.The PQR in TV webs for local informationIt is a first because this new web TV for local information is lead by 5 regional daily newspapers which have decided to create their own TV channel and to broadcast their own programs on the Internet. TVWeb Régions gathers together: Sud Ouest, Le Parisien, Le Télégramme de Brest, La Nouvelle République du Centre-Ouest and La Dépêche du Midi. The platform has been supplied by CanalWeb which owns 20% of the economic interest group TV Presses Régions whose president is David Bohbot, the other 80% are held by the five newspapers (5 other newspapers should join the group).The daily newspaper from Bordeaux has opened up, because of Hourtin! Tours (La Nouvelle République du Centre-Ouest) should open in September and the three others should open within the end of the year. In Bordeaux, five permanent employees are in charge of ensuring the information on-line with a broadcasting of audiovisual reports. The information will be local. Several columns will be proposed: the news, the interview of the day, the district rumors, sports, schedules and weather.Sophia Antipolis and ZeWebTV as pioneersIf it is a' first', Sophia Antipolis had been a pioneer. The firm Dream Up whose president is Julien Cuny, had launched Sophia-TV in 1999 and has continued the Net audiovisual conquest by creating which has focused on 'new world news'.In one year, Dream Up has acquired a strong technical experience with good quality pictures and wants to go further on and has announced on its web site 'a European première, the only one daily information flash in video and on the Web exclusively'.

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