Two star projects from the INRIA Sophia

Posté mar 25/09/2001 - 00:00
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Two projects under way at the INRIA Sophia will be presented during a press-workshop that the INRIA is organizing on Thursday September 27th from 10.00 to 12.00 am in its Rocquencourt center on the theme of “computer and sciences of the living”. These two subjects are experiencing a very fast evolution and they have a direct influence over our current society. Their convergence opens a great future for the comprehension of living organisms. On the national scale, six projects have selected for this workshop which will be conducted by Gilles Kahn, the scientific director of the INRIA. The two projects from the Riviera are: “The brain and designing of the brain activity” (presented by Olivier Faugeras); “The designing and control of biological purification processes” (by Jean-Luc Gouzé).The four other projects selected are developed by other INRIA’s research units: “The heart, arteries and designing of blood circulation (by Jean Clairambault and Marc Thiriet, research unit of Rocquencourt); “The exploratory genomic” (by François Rechenmann, research unit of Grenoble); “the simulation of plant growth” (by François Sillion, research unit of Grenoble).

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