UDcast signs an agreement with the American Microspace

Posté mar 26/06/2001 - 00:00
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The start-up from Sophia Antipolis, which has integrated space in the Internet world, will bring its software to the world leader in multimedia data broadcasting by satellite.

The start-up from Sophia Antipolis UDcast and l'Américain Microspace Communications have signed an agreement in order to market common solutions based on Mircospace’s Velocity broadcast offer and UDcast software for the Multicast broadcasting on Internet. Based in Raleigh (North Carolina), Microspace Communications is the world leader in multimedia data broadcasting by satellite for professional applications. UDcast, a spin off from the INRIA Sophia Antipolis, is the European leader to design and publish software for Internet infrastructures.A foot on the American marketAccording to a press release, this partnership will bring the best broadcasting multicast services on the market of broadband communication equipments by satellite. This will be an entire broadcast solution.In the same press release, both partners have declared to be glad of this transatlantic agreement. “We are glad that Microspace has adopted and integrated our software plat-form dedicated to the IP Multicast in their satellite broadcast services”, Didier Tymen, the CEO of UDcast, declares. “We believe in our capacity to provide the most advanced, the most powerful and accurate Multicast software which is a standard reference in Europe. We are glad to start a partnership with such a famous actor as Microspace and we strongly believe that this partnership will bring an accomplished and economical solution to companies which need a quick Internet to manage contents on IP.”Same satisfaction for Microspace Communications. “Microspace has always been strongly established in services using open satellite systems, MPEG-2/DVB and the most advanced protocols. UDLR (UniDirectional Link Routing) is a new protocol designed and standardized by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). UDcast offers software and hardware solutions based on this UDLR protocol, Joe Amor, the vice-president and General manager of Microspace, says. Moreover, we think that most of our clients will benefit from the experience UDcast in Europe. We will collaborate and support UDcast in its development in northern America.

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