USA: record number of internauts in September (Journal du Net)

Posté mar 16/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Almost one hundred million Americans, 36% of the population, have used the Net in September. A record ! Most of the big portals have, compared to September 2000, noticed progressions by 24 to 36%. Thus, Microsoft has reached a summit of 70 million users ! According to Morgan Stanley , the investment firm which has published this survey, this strong progression is directly linked to attacks of last September 11th. The Journal du Net which mentions the results of this survey quotes as well in the article "Septembre 2001, le mois de tous les records pour le Net américain", the results of another survey published by Jupiter Media Metrix yesterday Monday October 15th. These other figures states "a traffic inflow towards information sites, visited by 51% of users, as against 40% the previous months." Thus, more than 50 million people have visited information websites in September in the United-States. Among others, CNN has jumped by 141% compared to previous months !

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