Valbonne : the Telecom Valley gives its awards

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A big celebration is organized on Tuesday, November, 28th, in the village hall to give out the 8th CLIPSAT trophy , the 2nd innovation award and for the first time, a research award.

The 8th CLIPSAT Trophy, the 2nd innovation award, the first research award and the Labels 2000 will be presented by the Telecom Valley association during its last celebration of the year on Tuesday, November, 28th 2000 at 5.30 PM at the village hall in Valbonne.The originality of the CLIPSAT awardIn the aim of encouraging the development of a sub-contracting area of quality, one of the goals of the association, the 'Partners' commission of the Telecom Valley has developed an original evaluation method, based on the customers' satisfaction, as evaluated by customers themselves from 1993. This concept 'CLIent Partenaire SATisfait' (Partner Customer Satisfied) is at the origin of the CLIPSAT award.The evaluation process takes into account the following satisfaction criteria :· compliance of the delivered good or service with the standards; · respect of the terms of delay; · technical competence; · ability to adapt to the customer evolutions and to environmental changes; · global valuation (quality-to-price ratio, creativity, motivation, autonomy, team spirit).The jury, represented by the 'Partners' commission of the Telecom Valley considers evaluations – carried out by customers – of contracts concluded during these last two years. The selection is very strict : a 'customer satisfaction' index of at least 85% to get the label, the candidate the most valued being rewarded by the CLIPSAT trophy.Innovation and research awardsIn order to confirm its support to innovative companies, the Telecom Valley association has decided to create the 'innovation award' in 1999. It creates this year the 'research award' to emphazise on the works of numerous laboratories of Sophia Antipolis. By their works, they contribute to the creation of the added value, key factor in a very competitive world context. Each trophy is dedicated to reward an original project in the units of networks, telecommunications and associated services or uses.The innovation awardIt is awarded by a jury of specialists according to the following criteria :- original characteristics (technical innovation, display, using value, pluridisciplinarity); -interest for the economic and/or scientific life in the region; -interest of economic actors (venture capital backing, ANVAR, CEE…); -Project setting-up (technical, marketing, economic and financial); -Implementation of research results in practical and useful ends.The research awardThe jury has selected the best project according the following criteria :- innovative and original characteristics ( on the technical and academic basis); - quality of results and achieved prototypes; - potential industrial consequences; -scientific publications justifying the value in the results of the research.As usual, the Telecom Valley gives its support to local artists : trophies rewarding the selected companies have been chosen among their works.Agenda- 5.30 PM- Reception at the village hall in Valbonne (Sophia Antipolis), with the participation of the jazz orchestra 'The Dixie Boys'- 5.45 PM- Welcoming speech by :· Jacques Gros, Président of the Telecom Valley;· Elisabeth Haligon, in charge of the 'Partners'commission of the Telecom Valley;· Jacques Labetoulle, in charge of the 'Research' commission of the Telecom Valley.- 6.00 PM- First part of the dance show performed by the young international ballet dancer Rosella Hightower.- 6.45 PM- Presentation of the Telecom Valley 2000 Labels: innovation and research CLIPSAT labels,- 7.15 PM- Second part of the dance show- 7.30 PM- Presentation of research and innovation trophies and of the 8th CLIPSAT trophy.- 7.45 PM- Closing Cocktail celebration with the participation of the Dixie BoysContact :Elena Catala, tel : :

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