Venture capital : 22 million francs for Videosports

Posté mer 04/04/2001 - 00:00
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3i, the European leader of capital investment, has bet on the start-up from the region of Nice specialized in the publishing of software for football professionals and sports medias.

Videosports, a high tech company specialized in the publishing of software and integrated systems dedicated to sports and media professionals, has increased the capital by 22 million francs with the help of 3i, the European leader of capital investment. The company has generated a turnover of 5 million francs in 2000. Thanks to the developments that they will be able to begin, their ambition is to pass over the 100 million francs in 2002.Tactical analysis software for footballCreated in 1995, in the region of Nice, by Antoine David and Jean-Marc Giorgi, Videosports offers football clubs and sports medias two tactical and athletic analysis software for matches : Amisco Match Player and Amisco Media Player. They allow to study all the game parameters in a very detailed way : the reconstitution of the match in 2D, the quantification of athletes' performances (covered distance, running speed, recovering time, effort intensity,...), the analysis of tactical schemes of each team, team or individual statistics (land surface covered by players, assist, steal and center maps...).Through an advanced analysis of the match and of individual and collective behaviours of both teams, the software developed by Videosports constitute a unique tool range. For trainers, who can optimise the performances of their teams more easily, as much as for sports journalists (on every media support : press, TV, Internet, Wap...) who are greatly helped in their analysis and comment work.To offer data analysis in real timeA technological progress which allows Videosports to have today customers such as Manchester United, the first football European club, or even the network of sports Internet sites, Sportal.The coming of 3i in the capital should notably allow Videosports to accelerate the development of its technological plat-form and its international expansion. On the short run, managers wish to develop data analysis in real time, strongly requested by sports commentators who works in live conditions, as well as a range of complementary products. By choosing to put the technological innovation at sport's disposal, Videosports has step into a niche which was almost unexploited on a market which is nevertheless very strong and still very segmented.

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