Video compression : Le Monde investigates on the I2bp « miracle »

Posté mar 26/06/2001 - 00:00
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The video format which can revolutionize the Internet! It was announced on January 2001. The I2bp company announced a “technological miracle”: a new video compression format allowing to diffuse on the Internet, in full screen, at 25 images per second, with a quality close to the VHS. The news were huge. If this “miracle” was possible, no more cable, ADSL, UTMS, or other broadband solutions would be necessary. It was the whole infrastructure of networks which had to be redesigned.However, since then, no more news about it, reminds Le Monde Interactif. Stéphane Foucart et Gaëlle Macke, in the article "i2bp : the hidden side of a " technologic miracle " have investigated. In the edition published on June 27th, they remind that, after five months, nothing was showed in convincing test conditions and everything seemed to prove that it was only an operation of communication. If the start-up, managed by the “Atelier de l’innovation” (Innovation workshop), remains on its first announcement, the majority of experts and investors doubts more and more. Is everything considered as a rumour?, concludes the daily newspaper, which however reminds that the “Atelier de l’innovation” gathered a few companies of a high technologic potential. Moreover, it gave the example of the start-up of Sophia called m.Pixel. It developed a new image compression format. It is a format which reality and efficiency have been proved, unlike the other company.

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