Virbac : its growth was proved in 1999

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With a turnover of more than 1.8 billion francs, the veterinary laboratory of Carros comes up with a 26.8% growth, compared to 1998, and it strengthens its rank as the eleventh veterinary laboratory in the world.

During 1999, Virbac, the veterinary laboratory of Carros, strengthens the tendency of the three first quarters : with more than 1.8 billion francs (275 MEuros), the strengthened and provisional turnover , for the year 1999, is strongly growing (more than 26.8% compared to 1998).However, those figures remain to be weighted. They include the late acquisitions of the group in the USA and in South Africa. Without those acquisitions, the growth of the firm is about 8%. This growth is essentially linked to the international development. Anyway, it has a positive effect in the Stock Exchange : the stock (second market) increased by 7%, on Tuesday, the 15th of February, when the results were announced.Founded in 1968, Virbac has become the 11th veterinary laboratory in the world. ( 1.500 employees, 700 of whom are in the site of Carros). Virbac relies a lot on a new product it has lately launched, to go on with its growth : Cyclio, the first no-flea medicine that allows a yearly treatment against the risk of fleas on cat and dog.Besides, we have to bear in mind that in December 1999, the firm changed its Directory president. Eric Marée replaced Pascal Boissy. A 47 years old person, a member of the 1974 HEC promotion, a holder of an MBA, Eric Marée was before the CEO of the Roche Nicholas laboratories, in France. You can see his biography on the site Virbac.

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