Virus alert :"Homepage.HTML.vbs" hit Sophia

Posté ven 11/05/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

A new virus alert. Be careful about messages entitled "Homepage" with this message : "Hi! You've got to see this page. It's really cool ;o)". If you open the attached file (Homepage.HTML.vbs), what happens is not really cool. The virus will automatically use all the addresses of your book and will send the same contaminated mail to all your contacts. Needless to say that "Homepage" has been diffused very quickly on the world Web, via Microsoft's electronic messaging Outlook Express, the most used one all over the world. Yesterday, on Wednesday, it hit the French Riviera. Thus, in Sophia Antipolis, several companies, among those of the CICA, have been hit.It is a clone of the recent virus "Anna Kournikova" which is not as bad as "I love you", a devastating virus which appeared last year. As for surfers who have clicked, what they have noticed for the moment is that "Homepage" opens one or several porno sites in their browser. On the other hand, it does not seem to attack files of the hard disk. The risk is rather for companies mail servers that the virus blocks by overloading. But you had better avoid to click on "Homepage.HTML.vbs"…

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