Vulnerability on the Net: meeting of Neurocom

Posté lun 24/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Neurocom, the specialist of security on Internet, is organising a meeting on the theme of "Analysis of vulnerability: the Intranode's offer". This meeting will take place on Thursday September 27th, from 9.00 am, at the Holiday Inn, port of Saint-Laurent du Var. The Intranode and Neurocom companies are indeed associated to offer an audit complete solution, based on the Active Sentry TM technology. This technology provides objectively and recurrently some analysis reports of vulnerabilities of an information system. Thus, the level of risk is determined. From this report, it is possible to take appropriate measures and to associate necessary resources, while controlling the costs.ContactFor registration, send a letter which confirms the presence at the meeting, by fax:, or a the following e-mail address:

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