W3C : Sophia is going to give a lecture to CeBIT 2001

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The W3C Europe team and the member of the german W3C office will introduce the information technologies professionals to the subtleties of the XML, SMIL, XHTML, SVG and other Web key technologies.

The persons in charge of the Consortium World Wide Webof Sophia Antipolis, the W3C European entity, are going to do the teachers of XML, SMIL, SVG and other Internet languages during the CeBIT 2001 that is going to take place in Hanover, in Germany, from March 22nd to 28th 2001. Actually, the W3C offers a range of lectures during that gigantesque Information Technologies and Telecommunication World Show.The W3C team in Europe and the members of the W3C German office will be at the CeBIT sellers' disposal. First, they will present to them the W3C latest specifications and works in progress about graphics, presentation, multimedia, private life protection and content accessibility on the Web. Moreover, they will explain to them how the 500 consortium members work together to elaborate Web standard technologies.Thus, five experts of the W3C team offer the following trainings :- The SMIL language (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language), by Dr; Philipp Hoschka, in charge of the W3C Architecture domain, on March 23rd, 2.00 pm,- The content accessibility rules on the Web, by Dr. Daniel Dardailler, in charge of the WAI techniques (Web Accessibility Initiative) at the W3C, on March 24th, 11.00 am,- The initiative for the protection of private life or P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences Project), by Rigo Wenning, legal adviser at the W3C, on March 25th, 11.00,- The CSS style sheets (Cascading Style Sheets), by Dr. Bert Bos, in charge of the Style activity at the W3C, on March 26th, 10.30 am,- The SVG language (Scalable Vector Graphics), by Dr. Ivan Herman, the representative of the W3C offices, on March 27th, 10.30 am.Information and contacts- See website at /www.w3.org">www.w3.org- The W3C will be present in the Hall 16 (D59)on the GMD stand, which is the sponsor of the German W3C office (W3C Deutsches Büro).- For further information, contact Marie-Claire Forgue (w3t-comm@w3.org), in charge of the W3C communication in Sophia Antipolis, or Klaus Birkenbihl (w3c@w3c.de).

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