Wap : first study about French Wap users

Posté mar 08/08/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Toteam has published on its site : ethnosphère.com the first enquiry about Wap users in France and the study was realized in May 2000. The statistics are not very encouraging for the Wap (but the study was realized among 450 users of a cellular phone Nokia 7110 type and before the Wap offer was set up). The results are the following ones: most of cellular phone users who were polled think that within two years all the phones will go on the web. But the majority of users is waiting for the new cellular phone generation: GPRS which will benefit from a major rapidity and the payment will be established according to the talking time. The main wished applications are booking, transport schedules, e-mails, access to the bank account.

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