Web: Yann Delmare, FalkenZone's master

Posté sam 16/09/2000 - 00:00
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Infographist at Echo's, he has a second life on the web at the head of a site dedicated to infography. Successful: 350,000 pages seen a month…

Some web sites' designers can dream! 350,000 pages seen monthly! According to Yann Delmare, an infographist at Echo's, dream came true in 1996. ' I created my own site I called FalkenZone. My objective was to made my infography works known.''Then another reality became obvious: I was a self-educated guy in this new graphic technique. Thanks to my experience, I used to know that training in this field, and above all on the Riviera didn't exist,… or it is very expensive. Then, I thought: why not to train future infographists by teaching them lessons easy to learn?'Teach online infographyThis is the bet FalkenZone made, which has been experimenting, since its creation, an increasing boom (1,100 subscribers in 1999). Three friends of Yann's came to help him. 'We made the site bigger by creating others columns.'. So, it is now possible to get a 2D or a 3D training, learn to use Flash, a software dedicated to vectorial graphism…For each activity, there are exhibition areas, biographies, pictures of the month, articles, etc…Training with Falkenzone is entirely free. To subscribe, you only have to put your name in the news letters of the site. For the moment, there are a lot of learners, but there is also a great deal of professional people who are learning new technical knowledge we are putting at their disposal.'According to Yann's perspectives, FalkenZone success should increase following an exponential way in the future months. A new section which will be opened at the beginning of next week should contribute to the success. Yann does not want to tell more about that. But it may be a music section, which had been announced some time ago. See you soon on FalkenZone.

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