A Website for ' The Second life'

Posté mer 13/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

'At 45 years old, there is another 40 years to live', mentions the preamble of the association's Website, 'The Second Life'. /www.deuxiemevie.org">Deuxiemevie.org, which has been launched last week, is opening on an editorial by Dominique Pagès, one of the founders who explains the stakes. It is a matter of 'encouraging, organizing, institutionalizing, -socially, financially, legally and fiscally- the promotion of personal dreams of people about 50, whatever their social status'. The Website, whose construction is not finished yet is targeting the general public as well as people who dream of changing their life when changing their job. The next non virtual meeting of the club is planned on January 16th 2001.

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