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Posté mer 21/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

/www.bienvoir.net">Bienvoir.netis a new website set up by professionals in opticianry. This website gives you the whole information on how to see clearly (view tests are also available). We can find: a directory of all professionals in opticianry (opticians, ophthalmologists and orthoptists); a catalogue of opticianry websites classified by category (frame, lenses, contact lenses, reconstructive surgery, sunglasses, etc...); advises of opticians; a lexicon on the eyesight; information on lenses, etc. A weekly update is planned as well as the publishing of news files. On the front page of this first edition: Menicon, famous specialist for rigid contact lenses makes you learn about the use of contact lenses in real video; the reality about the price of optic lenses; the launch on the market of a new optical lens by Essilor; the repayment of glasses, etc.

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