A week for a "School-Company" collaboration

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Two strong moments for this second edition from October 22nd to 27th: a meeting in a ZEP junior high school in Carros and an exchange day at the Ceral in Sophia.

A week for the "School-Company" collaboration: this is what is organised on the national scale, from October 22nd to 27th, by the Medef and the French national education. In the Alpes-Maritimes, this event is conducted by the Academy of Nice and the Union patronale (employer's union), UPE 06, assisted by the APREEAM (the association for the school-company collaboration in the Alpes-Maritimes). This year, it is the second edition of the "School-Company" week.To encourage the links between world of education and companies, organisers have tried to give students an overview of the economic world in which they are likely to work and to make company managers aware of preoccupations of the world of education as well as the way it works. The aim is to help these two worlds to meet and to improve their collaboration and their complementarity.This event will be marked by two strong moments.- Tuesday October 23rd, at the Langevin junior high school in Carros: meetings between company managers from the activity area of Carros Le Broc and pupils, with the CIO Nice Ouest, mayors of Carros and of Le Broc, the Council of the Department, the Education offices and parents. Objective: to allow pupils who come from a school located in a difficulty area and who often choose a vocational high school to know jobs and companies of the employment basin.- Wednesday October 24th, at the Ceram, Sophia Antipolis: a meeting and reflection day will gather company managers, representative of the Medef and professional trade unions, teachers and directors, State representatives and parents.There will be several roundtables with themes directly linked to companies and schools: meetings and exchanges in the administrative and regulation domains; the crossed cooperation for a global training (general, professional and citizen); company managers and directors (their activities, their constraints, their similarities and their differences).

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