What Comdex holds in Las Vegas (ZDNet)

Posté mer 14/11/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

What does Comdex hold, big worldwide information technology meeting which is currently on (from November 12th to 16th) at Las Vegas in the United States? ZDNet reviewed the "Issues and trends of Comdex 2001 ". Several sectors were classified and most innovations should be showed. It focuses on security, which will now deal with more than the simple data protection. "Biométropolis", a specific zone was specially dedicated to all authentication technologies, which use physical elements. Other sectors that should be dealt by Comdex: networks with the VoIP innovation in particular (Voice over Internet Protocol), combining telephone and Internet; mobility with the presentation of new "Web tablets" and the use of short distance transmission technologies (Bluetooth, Wifi); embedded technologies in vehicles and domotics; digital image diffusion.

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