What will Wall Street do on Monday ? (tf1.fr)

Posté lun 17/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

What will Wall Street do when they will reopen ? After the enormous human drama they have experienced, the United-States doesn’t want to give terrorists what would be considered as a second “victory”, an economic victory this time. Hence the efforts to start again the American financial place and to avoid a collapse of markets. Nevertheless TF1, in "Wall Street s'active, les financiers s'inquiètent", wonders about the economic impact of the most dramatic terrorist attacks the world has ever experienced.It seems like a beginning of a consensus has been set to say that the most altered sectors will be insurance, airline carrying, tourism and luxury, while arming, security and media could be favoured. But nobody agrees about the effects on the economic growth. Optimistic people think that “the joined effects of patriotism of Americans, of the future increase of public expenses and the expected decreases of the interest rate should result in a boost. Pessimistic people thinks that the drama has come at the worst moment while economists talked about the United-States in a possible recession.” Financial markets are going to answer as soon as Monday.

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