'Yours was yum' : the personal e-mail that goes round Europe

Posté mer 20/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

On the /www.journaldunet.com/AFP/001218email.shtml"> 'Journal du Net', we can see the dangers of an e-mail that is too personal and which can be read by tens of thousands Internet users. The story takes place on December 7th in London. A young lady sends an e-mail to a lawyer of an important law firm in London to compliment him on a sexual intercourse they had the day before. Visibly satisfied of the compliment, the lawyer sent the mail to six of his friends with this comment : 'Isn't it a nice compliment from a girl?'One of his friends sent it to other friends and it spread like wildfire. As the 'Love letter' virus, the message is spread nearly everywhere. From now on, the European press picked up the story. One of the mails is sent to the BBC and the news spread to all British important papers, with the mentioning of the very personal and spicy 'compliment'. It was the occasion to remind that there is a big difference between an e-mail and a letter for the confidentiality of a message…

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