Do we have to migrate on Windows XP ? (

Posté ven 26/10/2001 - 00:00
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Will Windows XP, launched by Microsoft with a lot advertisement on Thursday October 25th, boost the depressing PC industry ? Many people don’t think so. Quoted by La Tribune, Rob Enderle, an analyst at the Giga Information Group, thinks that “XP is exactly the opposite of Windows 95, which was not a great product from a technique point of view, but which has generated an enormous interest. XP is probably the best operating system ever made by Microsoft, but it generates no interest.” On the other hand, Microsoft talks about a historic stage. They have abandoned the MS-DOS system which was the reason for too many “crashes” according to the Redmond firm and they have created a much more regular and faster system.So, do we have to rush on Windows XP or not ? has largely opened the Windows XP case with comparisons and company’s testimonies. However, these companies remains very prudent as it is shown by the results of a survey conducted by Zdnet: 54% of companies want to migrate on Windows 2000, the current version that many of them have not yet used, as against 33% on Windows XP, the new version.

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