Easyjet will enter the Stock Exchange on Nov. 22

Posté jeu 19/10/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The low-cost British company, which ensures 10 flights a day from Nice to London, Liverpool and Geneva, carries more than 500,000 passengers on and keeps on climbing. The company wants to enter the London Stock Exchange on November 22 to invest 25% of the group capital. According to specialists, the group should be valued up to 1 billion euros.Stelios Haji-Loannou wishes to finance the purchase of 32 Boeing 737-300 which were ordered. And it would allow him to expand in Nice: opening a Nice-Amsterdam line in 2001, then a Nice-Athens line and a Nice-Barcelona one, before trying to launch a 300 francs Nice-Paris flight. In five years, the young British billionaire succeeded in building a leading low-cost air company. Of course, he will be one of the key personalities of the future Tourism@ 2000 meeting, the first European 'rendez-vous' for business tourism, on Dec. 1st 2000 in Sophia Antipolis (France Télécom Agora), he should take a part in the meeting.

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