Sophia : OSI is recruiting again

Posté mer 08/03/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The American company OSI (Objective System Operator) settled in the CICA in Sophia Antipolis, is recruiting again. The firm is specialised in management tools of communication networks (configuration software). One or two years ago OSI went through a bad period, with a high collapse in the Stock Exchange. Since that period, the Californian start-up started again thanks to a new focalisation on its aims. Its new recovery was also made in the US Stock Exchange.The firm in Sophia Antipolis, which deals with marketing and worldwide after sales services, (except in North America) is following a recovery movement in which it has participated (a 10 million dollars turnover for itself, , for a company which earns a 60 million dollars turnover with 360 employees). Within three months its effective will go from 17 to 27 people. Searched profiles : telecom network experts, computer scientists with an experience in networks, knowledge of Unix world, data basis.

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