Mandelieu: offensive B.E. System

Posté mar 10/10/2000 - 00:00
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Specialized in mechanical components design for hostile spaces, the study office bought Erma 38 (Isère), to ensure manufacturing and reinforce the development round Toulouse.

BE System, a study office specialized in mechanical components design for hostile spaces, above all for space (it began its activities with Aérospatiale, now Alcatel), goes right on. Settled in Mandelieu, with branches in Toulouse and in Rhône-Alpes, the firm created by Jean-François Lambert, bought a firm in Isère (French department), Erma 38 (a 14 million franc turnover and 20 employees), whose activities are complementary compared with his.Erma 38 manufactures precision mechanical components and ensures the assembly of mechanical subsets. This activity will allow the Mandelieu study office to push further its offer on and to get the status of components manufacturer. With Erma 38, BE System will be able to supply components and by this fact meet the industrial firms demand.BE System (135 employees and a 63 million franc turnover planned for 2000), plans to develop around Toulouse, where spatial and aeronautical activities are booming. Already well positioned (40 employees), BE System is going to focus on the AXXX studies, the future enormous European plane, and on Alcatel spatial programs. In addition with this external development by firms purchases, the Mandelieu study office would experiment in Toulouse in 2001 a great boom, where it is planned to reach about 100 employees within 2 years.

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