Sophia: the CICA getting crazy ?

Posté lun 27/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The problems of the Internet network are multiplying at the International Center of Advanced Communication. The latest problem: a weekend without any connections. has remained inaccessible for the whole weekend because of an Internet problem of the CICA’s network. The failure has started on Friday night August 24th, after an operation of center’s computer scientists on the network. They operated on the south wing of the CICA where is located the “Internet row”, thus called because of the concentration of net economy start-ups.Of course, a breakdown can happen. But for the whole weekend it has been impossible to get in touch with somebody who could give pieces of information or fix the origin of the breakdown. The connexion has only been re-established on Monday morning, 9.45 am.The involved companies have thus received an e-mail which mentioned that”the optical converter which links the south wing to the central unit broke down this weekend. It has been changed this morning by an emergency converter. A new converter will be set up on Tuesday night after 8.00 pm”. One of the companies of the CICA has answered: “I hope you will be at the CICA early on Wednesday morning”.We can already wonder why, in a building as the CICA, which is now managed by the Council of the Department, there is nobody to get in contact with in the weekend, all the more as the Internet network is strategic for the Net economy. Moreover around sixty companies and near 900 people are thus gathered together in this incubator.But start-ups are very concerned because problems of the network have been getting worse for one month. Slowdown of the transfer rate, numerous failures, various problems (loss of DNS, blocked mail-boxes, etc): the list is getting longer and longer. Is the CICA, one of the main building in Sophia Antipolis, getting crazy ?

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