Sophia : first presentation of the Theseus-Ceram diploma

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There were 55 students from 24 different countries for the first common MBA between the Theseus Institute from Sophia Antipolis and the CCI NCA, the school of management and trade.

It was a great event at the Theseus International Management Institute of Sophia Antipolis : the first presentation of the MBA diplomas, that are common between Theseus and the Ceram, was held on Friday, June 30th. All in all, 55 students from 24 countries (England, France, Norway, China, Japan, India, Lebanon, Venezuela…) successfully attended the MBA programme specialized in High-Tech and Entrepreneurship, for ten months. For the first time, the programme was set up in partnership with the Ceram of Sophia Antipolis, further to the alliance made between the school of trade and management of the Ceram and the Theseus Institute, last year.'The increasing number and the skills of the people who hold a diploma from our MBA programme show the significance of our original curriculum, focused on the NTIC mobilization in the firm management' Francis Bidault said. He is the MBA dean at the Theseus Institute. For the Institute that rewarded its eleventh MBA class, the ceremony was also an evidence of the success of the alliance between the two schools, for the lead of a common MBA. The Ceram was also satisfied : I am delighted about the merger of our two programmes that allows us to reach a critical size on the MBA market', the Ceram Director, Jacques Perrin, said.Mr. Vulliod, the Director of the France Telecom Plan and Strategy was a guest of honour, and he presented the industry and the telecom tendencies, the imminent evolutions as well as the France Telecom position on the market. Then, Thomas Strand was given a prize by the American Riviera Chamber of Commerce. He is a 31-year old Norwegian, graduated from the Civil Engineering in Norway, and a Theseus MBA student of the 1999-2000 class. It is the second time the organism grants a financial aid to an applicant whose academic and professional career was considered as rich, and who made the wish to carry on with it in the USA or in an American company.

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